Bon Appétit

There’s plenty of adaptations that we’ve made while we’ve been in Switzerland. One of them being how we eat. We like to lead a healthy lifestyle and care to spend more on experiences vs everyday dining. As a result, it leads us to cook our own meals instead of grabbing take out. The easy thing to do and something we’ve done in the past is to meal prep. Now that our fridge is 1/3 the size, that’s not the best option! Also, meal prep doesn’t have to be boring but frankly sometimes it is. Whether it be because an essential ingredient is hard to find, new dishes have been tried while travelling, or we’re delving more into a hobby, we’ve gotten more creative with meals. Some nice additions have been made to our regular cookbook. We’ve included a few favorite recipes below, altered and inspired by Swiss living. All Andrew approved!

Spicy Chicken & Quinoa

Click here for Spicy Chicken & Quinoa
The first two things we realized when dining en Suisse: portions are small and spiciness is uncommon. This brings the heat! Did you a favor by doubling the ingredients for the sauce because you’ll want to put it on basically everything.

Chicken Pad Thai

Click here for Chicken Pad Thai
Another inspiration thanks to cravings, this pad Thai recipe has all the tastes we were missing. There’s a delicate line between mushy noodles and sticky ones, the only trial and error we encountered but so worth it!

Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut Squash Soup

Click here for Butternut Squash Soup
We don’t have a choice but to adjust our recipes seasonally while we’re here. You won’t find things like squash or asparagus all year round but when its squash season this recipe is it! Warm soup, smells of nutmeg, and a glass of chardonnay… all the cool weather feels.


Click here for Tiramisu
We had to try our hand at this after sharing some in Rome, Italy. Truly tastes the same thanks to authentic ingredients being available here. P.s. don’t make in a hot kitchen or your lady fingers will float! Lesson learned.

Meringue & Double Crème

Click here for Meringue & Double Crème de la Gruyere
A typical Swiss dessert! Impressive yet easy, light yet creamy… perfect for date night!

Charcuterie Board

Click here for Charcuterie Board
Nearly everywhere we’ve been, there’s always an optional charcuterie board filled with local ingredients. From the land of cheese, cured meats, and wine a good spread that compliments each other takes some creativity when there’s so many options! Seriously, the cheese aisle is a little overwhelming over here. We’ve complied some of our favorite pairings to share with our favorite people.