You Can Explore Europe… Tomorrow!

How to travel to a new country, from the comfort of home. I’ll explain… While we’re stuck inside wishing we were traveling (or just doing anything really) I started thinking of ways we could teleport to a different place and recreate past travel experiences from our place. This post is purely just for fun, consider yourself warned of some weird. I’m not bored in insolation but outlandish ideas have been circulating more often. Traveling the world can be done from your home with the help of my memory, recipes I’ve collected, and a little creativity. (Helps if you have Spotify to plug and play the things I recommend!) There are many things that define a place… the environment, smells, cuisine, sounds, activities. Some countries have memorable things that make them what they are. Let me take you to 4 amazing spots: a Swiss outing, Oktoberfest, a Spanish fiesta, and a bellissimo viaggio Italiano!

Hardergrat, Switzerland


First things first, wake up and have croissants and chocolate for breakfast, guilt-free. It’s imperative to have the smell of fresh bread in the air so go ahead and make your favorite loaf. Unless the bread you made is a baguette, you’ll need to purchase one from the bakery. Bonus points if you walk to the bakery to get it. While you’re in the kitchen prepare your lunch charcuterie. You’ll need gruyere, smoked sausage, prosciutto wrapped melon, fig something, and puff pastry bread sticks. Toss a red and white plaid tablecloth over your outdoor table if you have it. Ensure there’s a fresh breeze with help of a well-placed fan and enjoy your spread. No Swiss vacation would be complete without a hike outdoors. Go for a hike or walk, preferably on an incline. If you feel a little sore afterwards then it’s even more accurate. Important thing to have during your hike, listen to “Swiss Cowbells” by Josh Daughtry on repeat. Now that you’ve burned all those calories it’s important to pack them all back on with exorbitant amounts of cheese and wine. Prepare a pot of fondue for an early dinner using the recipe HERE. Serve boiled potatoes and pickles on the side. Make sure to drink plenty of white wine while eating the fondue -this is important for digestion 😉 Chasselas if you can find it! Anytime someone loses baguette in the pot you must shame them immensely. You’ll eat way too much cheese and be in a food coma for the rest of the night, but suck it up and go out for another walk to help it settle. One thing that’s impossible to recreate is the views!

Oeschinensee, Switzerland


Let’s go to Oktoberfest! If you don’t drink or don’t drink beer then maybe skip to Spain below! Ideally, you’ll have a few roommates to join you on this trip. Wake up and chug as much water as possible before your first beer (10 am). Your day is about to test you. Hide all of your clocks because you won’t have any concept of time. While you’re at it hide all the toilet paper (might be tough for the hoarders reading this). Decorate the area with lebkuchen, heart shaped gingerbread. If you happen to have a drindl or lederhosen put those on. A long dress for the ladies and suspenders with capris for the guys will do. Make sure to put your hair in pigtails. If you feel silly, you won’t feel for long don’t worry! If you can slow roast a meat to have that smell permeating the air that would be ideal. To get a fuller effect spill a few beers on the floor. Be stocked up on a ridiculous number of different types of sausage to eat throughout the day. You shouldn’t know what any of them actually are, just buy blindly. Crank up the playlist “Oktoberfest: German Drinking Songs”. Find the biggest, heaviest mug or glass and pour a beer in it. You want it to be nice and heavy so throw on an arm weight if you have to. Take it outside and drink casually, play cards! After some time find a sturdy wooden chair to stand on while you have your beer. Have your mysterious sausages periodically with lots of mustard and sauerkraut. Also have a few giant pretzels to wear on your arm in case you need a snack to soak up the brews. Oktoberfest is filled with amusement rides. To recreate this, spin in a circle until you feel like throwing up or falling, or both. You’ll be in bed by 6 pm! One thing that’s impossible to recreate is the number of strangers you’d become best friends with!

Munich, Germany


It’s almost always hot so begin by putting the heat on blast. Get into some beachy summer clothes that make your heated home feel manageable. Have “Dance Flamenco” playing all day long, there should never be silence. Give yourself something Spanish to look at! Google Casa Batllo and pick an empty wall to recreate the building’s exterior on. It should look wacky and colorful. Prepare your sangria with the authentic recipe HERE. Now that you’ve explored your artistic side and have had a few glasses of sangria its time to have a dance party. Mimic the flamenco and let loose! Keep dancing until you have a good layer of sweat going. Kick back and fill a baby pool with sand to dig your tired dancing feet into. When the clock strikes 9 pm its finally dinner time! Have some tapas: patatas bravas, croquettes, tomato bread, tortilla Española, and of course Iberico ham. I’ve included the recipe for tomato bread HERE that we learned while we were there… very simple! Have fun, party, dance, eat delicious food, those are mandatory here! One thing that’s impossible to recreate is the vibe of a room full of free, fun loving people.

Barcelona, Spain


Ahhh, truly one of the best places to travel in our opinion. It varies greatly from north to south so today we are in the north. The majority of your day will revolve around delicious food and drink. Hopefully you enjoy cooking because the kitchen will be where you spend the most time… but it’s so worth it! Have an espresso and biscotti for breakfast. I know its light but you’ll get your calories in later. Dress up a bit for the day. If the ladies rock heels on the cobblestone then you can put a dress or nice slacks on. As far as foods, everything should be as made from scratch as possible. You can have your large meal of the day for lunch or dinner, your choice. We’ll make lunch the smaller meal, focaccia topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, and greens. (THIS recipe is bomb!!) Let’s go for some wine tastings! Stop by the best place you can find Italian wines and grab an assortment. You should include a Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Nebbiolo, Chianti Classico, Barolo, and a Brunello di Montalcino. Use the app Vivino if you need some assistance in choosing. While you allow the wines to breathe if they need to, create a tasting board with your glass placements including each wine, origin, its grape variety, and space to take notes. Proceed with your tasting, having some bread sticks nearby. Be thoughtful in your drink ordering, whites and lights first! Sit back, play cards, and enjoy the time outside the kitchen. Around 6:30 have an apertivo, aperol spritz with a side of olives! Before dinner begins, turn on “Italian Café”-a little bit louder than you’d prefer. It will be possibly the longest time you’ve ever sat at your dining table. You’ll feel stiff legged and slightly plump but not stuffed if you do this correctly. Begin dinner around 9 with an antipasti of salami, mortadella, burrata, or bruschetta. 1st course will be pasta, try tortellini in brodo, porcini risotto, or paccheri in tomato sauce. 2nd course is protein, try steak Florentine or ossobuco. Next up is your leafy salad. No typo. Then comes the spread of Italian cheeses and fruits to complement those cheeses. At this point, chill, chat, enjoy your favorite wine from the tasting earlier. Whip out the tiramisu (recipe HERE) that you prepared 2 days ago. Please don’t eat it less than 24 hours after making it mk? Optional espresso with dessert. To help with that full feeling, have a digestif. A shot of amaretto will do! Go for a post dinner stroll and imagine that the streets are oddly lively for it being midnight. Things that are impossible to recreate are the rolling hills, vast vineyards, and ancient architecture.

Bon Voyage!

Rome, Italy