Norway or Bust

Our road trip to Norway is coming up quick! We have our camper van reserved, our daily itinerary outlined (new concept for us), and our things mostly packed. There was a lot to consider when planning a “tour de Norway”. Inevitably, things will go wrong… forgetting something we meant to bring, a road we need to take is closed, missing the ferry we planned to hop on… there’s a lot of room for error! In the end though we will enjoy our time no matter if we have to revise our plan midway or not. Here’s some of the things we kept in mind when planning to give you an idea of how different this trip will be for us!

Overview of our route during a 10 day trip to Norway

What Will We Do?

Prioritizing Activities

This was actually one of the more difficult factors to decide as there are endless things we’d love to do there. The Norwegian world revolves around the outdoors. We created a list (a massive one) of spots that interest us and what we’d be doing at each. We pinned all of them on a map to see if there was an area that was more concentrated and pared down the list. From there we thought about how many days we had and how much time we would need for each, deciding what we would have time for. If we had more time we’d make our way to northern Norway… next time. Which is something we find ourselves saying often!

How Will We Get There?

Route Planning

This portion of planning was maybe the most important to get right. Now that we know where we will go, how will we get there? Late May nudges up to the end of winter in Norway. Until April 30th it’s mandatory to have snow chains for your tires so we needed to be prepared for some winter conditions. Driving in Norway is unique in that the road system is fairly simple. In many areas, as long as you know the direction you need to go there’s only one road to take. This means that we needed to be sure the roads we planned to take would be open for us as many are closed in the winter. There are also many scenic routes that are worth the extra time to take.

Anything to Work Around?

Ferry Schedules

Another aspect of driving in this country is the ferries. Getting from point A to B may require taking a ferry and can save a ton of driving time. We typically go with the flow when travelling and never have a daily itinerary… however this time we needed one mainly due to the ferry situation. The ferries can be particular. Some of the ones we need to take only run twice a day, others don’t run on Saturdays, etc, so keeping track of timing for our schedule is important this time around. Not to mention the larger tourist ferries and the ferry that will take us from Denmark to Norway were necessary to book in advance. We’ll take at least 8 during our 9 days in Norway.

Where Will We Sleep?

Overnight Options

We have our camper van that’s fitted with a bed so sleeping will be relatively easy. All we’ll need to worry about is finding a decent spot to park. It’s legal to park and camp most places in Norway as long as you are a certain distance from civilization. What our camper van is not fitted with is a shower. We don’t plan to have a very glamorous trip but having a shower now and then is important to us! It will be good to have a list of campgrounds nearby that we can either park, shower, or both just in case.

What Will We Bring?


We have packing down to a science these days. And not just packing, but packing light. This time is slightly different as we’ll have the van and will need things like food, hiking gear, bedding, etc. We do still want to pack as little as possible. Other thing to think about: safety. The vehicle is equipped with most of what we need in that department but as they say, better to be safe than sorry. Our entire packing list of things we need in addition to the basics is here if you’re curious! So many lists were made this time… Here’s another: our foods to pack! I’m always curious what others bring on their unique vacations like this and at times am looking for inspiration so maybe it’s helpful!

Now that we’re all planned and packed, we’re ready for Norway! But is Norway ready for us? Let’s find out!