Jet Lag and Tie-Dyed Eggs


photo1 (2)
Us during flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Geneva, Switzerland

We made it! We arrived to Lausanne at 10:30 am Swiss time after spending 18 hours traveling on planes and trains. Everything went very smooth thankfully. No delayed flights, no missed baggage, no spilled coffee during flight. Once we landed in Geneva, Andrew began to sweat a little (literally and figuratively) anticipating the train ride to Lausanne. We knew boarding and unboarding a train with four 50lb suitcases, a fifth smaller suitcase, a briefcase, a backpack, and a garment bag would not be the easiest thing ever. To stress things, there was a mechanical problem with the train we were to hop on causing us to take a train to Geneva center and then switch trains to get to Lausanne. Effectively we had to juggle our luggage twice as much as we expected. Sure enough, we had people giggling as we tried to manage this with little time to do it. While on the train, we had the chance to see a bit of the city and countryside. Initial thought: its rainy, cold, and gross out… but damn it’s still so beautiful. The bad weather almost accentuates how pretty some things are.



View of our temporary apartment

Once we made it to Lausanne, we were greeted by our relocation consultant who gave us a lift to our temporary apartment. It was a tight fit with all of our belongings but we made it happen! We had a moment to drop our things and look around the apartment. This didn’t take long as it’s 330 square feet. It’s a lovely little place, equipped with almost everything we expected… except air conditioning.


view (2)
View of the Swiss Alps from our window

Keeping in mind that our bodies think it’s now 4 am, our first Swiss day had only just begun. Assisted by our consultant, we made our way to town hall to complete our biometrics and registration (it’s crazy how expensive it is to make ourselves legal with the relevant authorities). After a quick 4-hour nap (yes, jet lag kicked our ass), we left the apartment to get some information on local gyms and stop by the grocery store. After leaving the gym we leisurely headed to the grocery store, until realizing it closes at 7 pm, not uncommon, and we needed to hustle. We set out to hurry and grab things before closing time. I headed for the eggs, naturally thinking they were near the milk. Silly me, of course they’re in the unrefrigerated aisle by the juice. Not only was it weird to me that they weren’t refrigerated, but there were many to choose from. White ones, brown ones, blue ones, tie-dye ones… what kind of chickens do they have in Switzerland was going to be the first thing I looked up when I got back. Turns out the dyed ones are hard-boiled. Good thing I chose against those! While in the haste of hurrying to grab items, we made the mistake of forgetting to sticker our produce. Cashiers do not appreciate this, so no produce for us that trip.

Coping with the jet lag has been somewhat difficult. With our bodies 7 hours behind Swiss time, sleeping and eating when we should is not happening yet, but we’ll get there! The to do list is growing exponentially as we continue to settle in. Despite how hectic it’s been, we are still finding moments to notice and appreciate little things here and there with each other.