Au Revoir!

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We received our VISAs and purchased two flights to Switzerland today. Since we got the news confirming our relocation, its been quite the whirlwind! We’ve stayed busy with details we didn’t realize we would. Getting through everything that’s been thrown at us has been significantly easier having such a great group of people at Andrew’s company guiding us.

After Andrew received word that he would have an opportunity to work in Switzerland with his current company, we began the process of obtaining the applicable documentation for the VISAs. We found it to be a relatively long process and not simply putting pen to paperwork. We started on January 24th where we began reading numerous contracts, filling out applications, and taking multiple trips to the Swiss consulate in Atlanta with a waiting period after each individual step was taken. The culmination of these steps has been exhausting yet rewarding.

We’ve recently spent a large part of our time determining what we need, what we don’t need, purging our closets (harder than I thought), and working on the logistics of the actual move as the moving company came this week to pack our belongings. We had 8 cubic meters to fill, ridding unnecessary things was key. We won’t see these items for two months as they are shipped overseas so, organizing the suitcases we will carry with us for that time period was another beast.

Deciding what characteristics we are looking for in our temporary and permanent accommodations, and then attempting to find that, has taken up a good chunk of our time. We’re so accustomed to being able to pick and choose where and how we decide to live in the States, however, this isn’t the case in Switzerland. That being said, knowing our absolute musts-haves and preferences in our residence is important. Receiving confirmation of the temporary housing we will have until we find something permanent was a relief. We’ll be busy tying up loose ends upon arrival and finding our new home is one big one! Until then..

We are moving not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. I think this is a good mindset to keep as we embark on this journey. We want to stay grounded and connected with our friends, family, life in the States. As the departure date approaches, the more important it is for us to connect with the ones we love.

Are we nervous? Yes. Are we excited? Definitely yes.