Waffles and Chocolates and Beers, Oh My!

Where should we go next?! We just got back from our trip to Brussels and can’t help but notice our calendar is a little empty until December comes around! With work getting increasingly busy for Andrew, random weekend trips will be our thing until we head to Budapest for Christmas. Brussels was a blast though. Eating and drinking almost sums up our stay there which was just what we needed. It’s a foodie city no doubt. We spent time touring breweries and getting our fill of unique brews before heading on to our self-guided chocolate tour. A smaller brewery was where we began. We shared a tasting from the giant wood kegs they ferment the beer in… unexpected taste. Lambic beer, which is very sour, seemed to be the most common among the places we went. Delirium was so highly rated that we had to stop in. They’re known for offering over 2,000 varieties of beer, holding a world record! It wasn’t as overwhelming as we might’ve anticipated, we found several that we really enjoyed.

3 Fonteinen: Beersel, Belgium

As far as chocolate, Mary’s was high on our list. She was the first female chocolatier to be recognized by the Belgian royal family and it’s clear why. As we walked in, we noticed that behind the counter they were wrapping individual chocolates by hand, all of which were made in house. We could tell each piece was handled with TLC and they tasted that way as well. We popped into a couple other lovely shops, avoiding chocolate overload by having a coffee to break it up a bit.

Alley behind Delirium: Brussels, Belgium

And the waffles. Oh. The waffles. Throughout our stay we tried cheesy waffles, waffles with chorizo, whipped cream, strawberry, and chocolate topped waffles. They have a waffle for every type of person in Brussels… if you don’t care for them now, you’ll leave there loving them. We shared the best brunch we’ve had in a long time at Peck 47. Between the four of us we successfully ordered and finished six full plates, smoothies, Bloody Marys, and coffees. We came to brunch. We really out did ourselves and it was glorious!

Peck 47: Brussels, Belgium

Walking down the street, whether it be 10 am or 3 am, you can look around and see people with giant paper cones in hand, filled with fries. Being American we were suspicious as to how great these frites must be. They weren’t bad! Apparently, mayonnaise is the go to fry topping there. We also had mussels in Brussels… didn’t know that was such a thing!

Frites from Fritland: Brussels, Belgium

On a non-food note now that my mouth is watering, we’ve heard and felt a lot of heartbreak lately from many of our friends and family, each dealing with their own upsetting circumstance. We’re keeping all of them in our prayers and are hopeful that happiness will fill their air again soon. Hearing what others are going through reminds us to be thankful for silly moments, be present and mindful, and not take our situations for granted. No one knows everyone’s story or how others feel any given day. Staying positive as much as possible is one of the best things we can do for friends, family, strangers, and ourselves. Love you all!

Grand Place: Brussels, Belgium